Reliable Pest Control Facilitates Vaccinations for Underprivileged Communities as part of their CSR

As part of Reliable Pest Control’s 40th Year of service we have decided to celebrate this year as a ” YEAR OF GIVING”. We are proud to have been associated with Surendra Pathare Foundation and sponsor vaccination for security guards and house helps.
While India has been a powerhouse for vaccine production and distribution, vaccinating over a billion people in a first, and appears to be a daunting task which requires current capacities to be scaled up extremely fast.
The challenge of producing, distributing and administering the vaccine to the population in the shortest possible time is formidable, more so for a country like India given our population, geographical spread and skewed health infrastructure across urban and rural areas and between the states.
Reliable Pest Control had already invested in vaccination of their staff and their respective families. Extending the same efforts for the community has given us immense satisfaction and a sense of contentment.…/

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